Montauk Supply Dock Fenders work better. 

The unique technology of the Montauk Supply Dock Fender is its ability to absorb & diffuse the shock of a collision. The materials used on traditional rubber fenders store high levels of kinetic energy  – this is what can cause a greater reaction against your boat. 

The Montauk Supply Dock Fender is constructed with softer, high-density foam material, where the kinetic energy from a collision cannot be stored. Because of this, the impact is immediately reduced allowing for a softer, smoother contact with the dock than you would experience with a traditional bumper. Our bumpers keep your boat safe from dock rash so you don't have to worry about repairing your hull. 



Our products are constructed from industrial grade, UV-resistant material. This material is extremely tough - it is tear-proof, rip-proof, and weather-proof.  The back of each cushion also includes grommet openings. These are to allow for moisture drainage and evaporation. No moldy, soggy mess. The sides of each cushion come with grommet holes for installation to the dock.


Each dock bumper is stuffed with a moisture-resistant, high-density foam. This foam is strong enough to withstand strong pressure but soft enough to diffuse impact energy. The foam is a solid piece, allowing it to truly hold its shape.

We are the best source.

Montauk Supply Co. Dock Bumpers have been providing high-quality dock cushions for over 18 years. We maintain the highest standards for material, construction, and production quality. Cheaper imitation products will quickly tear, rip open, spill filling into the water, and eventually need to be replaced. Ours won't.


Frequently Asked Questions

HOW MANY STRAIGHT PILLOWS DO I NEED FOR MY DOCK SLIP? We recommend 1 straight pillow for every 8-10 feet of your boat size (example: 30 ft. boat will usually use 3-4 straight pillows + 1 corner pillow). It’s always best to eyeball it based on your dock slip and individual boat.

WHAT DO YOU USE TO FASTEN THESE TO THE DOCK THROUGH THE LARGE GROMMET HOLES? Each cushion comes with all necessary screws and washers included.

ARE THE WASHERS AND SCREWS FOR INSTALLATION INCLUDED? Yes! Everything you need for installation is included (but the dock & drill!) We use #14 x 1-1/2" screws and 1/4" washers.

CAN THESE BE INSTALLED ON A CONCRETE DOCK? Yes, they can be installed by using a standard drill to create a pilot hole and then affixing a plastic plug in the drilled hole before inserting a screw that will wedge in tight. Several of our customers have used Tapcon concrete screw anchors & stainless washers and reported back with only good things.

WHAT ARE THE DIMENSIONS FOR EACH PILLOW? Straight cushions – 36” x 6” x 6” (94 cm x 16 cm x 16 cm) Corner cushions - 19 x 6” x 6” (48 cm x 16 cm x 16 cm)

ARE THERE ANY OTHER COLORS AVAILABLE? Our standard color is the deep chrome grey. We do not currently provide any other colors. This grey does great to blend in with the dock and hide any stains or wear.

IS THERE A WARRANTY? Yes. We provide a one (1) year warranty on all of our products against defects in materials and workmanship so long as the product is/was used as directed. The warranty period covers one (1) year from the original retail purchase date. We are happy to either (1) repair the product at no charge or (2) exchange the product for a new, comparable replacement depending on availability. This warranty excludes normal damage resulting from abuse, accident, modifications, unauthorized repairs or other causes that are not defects in materials and workmanship. Please note the warranty does not cover the cost of shipping on replacement products nor does it cover any of the hardware included.

HOW MUCH IS SHIPPING? Boat Pillows are considered "large" packages and sometimes encur oversize fees depending on the carrier & ship address. Just plug in your ship address to get an estimate before checkout.